Parco degli Ulivi

Rest Home ”Parco degli Ulivi” in Rome

At the Rest Home ”Parco degli Ulivi”, the guest is the centre of a constant attention: during the daily activities , for the medical and social needs and the psychological and relational wellbeing. A professional Team is dedicated to providing the necessary support of assistance and care with an individual “Care Plan”.

At the Rest Home “Parco degli Ulivi”every guest is an unique person and so his needs. The “Care Plan” is devised in agreement with the Resident and their family and it’s always flexible and adaptable to the changes of the context. The days pass in a trustful and safe atmosphere.

The privacy of the guest is always protected, the Staff keep the discretion on clinical data, assistance, private facts and habits. Although the guests are stimulate to the interaction, they are fully respected in the availability for plays and cultural activities.